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Having 5+ Years Experience

CAREERKICK SERVICES is the first online trusted career steering platform in India (Primarily in Engineering field).

Our platform is far-reaching and a reliable platform that provides the best guidance to the individuals who aspire to touch great heights in their career and profession. We provide entire particulars with regard to academic institutions i.e. Colleges and Universities all over the country to lead the way to a brilliant future ahead.

Here at Careerkick Services, we provide extensive support to ambitious individuals to
accelerate their careers and get an everlasting ‘KICK‘ in their lives. Hence, “CAREERKICK” speeds up your career and life as well.

As per our updates, 100,000+ students got admittance in Government Institutions like IITs, NITs, IIITs, GFTIs, CFTIs, Top renowned and reputed Private Colleges up to now.

We have an alliance with 500+ Colleges and Universities across India and Abroad.

What We Do

Career Counselling: Helps you to know and understand yourself in order to make Career, Educational and Life Decisions.

Psychometric Testing:  Analyses an individual’s Capabilities, Aptitudes and interests and also understand which career field is suitable for him.

Educational Counselling: Provides assistance and guidance to students in making the right choices in their studies, be it their Educational Plans, Career Aspirations, Choice of Stream and specialisation as well as the selection of college or university as per their interests and preferences.

Course Selection: Stimulates students to focus  on their interests and learn more about the field they are interested in to study in a College/University.

College/University Selection: guides students to select their College/University considering the major key points like Location, Infrastructure, Fee Structure, Placements, Faculty, Alumni and many more. 

College prediction: Predicts College/University for an individual considering the certain characteristics and provides him the best options to make his future bright ahead.  

Provision of Seminar Online/Offline: conducts Online as well as  Offline seminars to motivate students to achieve their goals with zeal and provides extensive support while maintaining healthy relations with them.



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